SRX Listed on Trade & Win Airdrops & Discounts!

• StorX Network ($SRX) has been listed on, a global cryptocurrency exchange.
• will offer the SRX community a simple buy/sell crypto feature, advanced cryptocurrency spots, and futures trading dashboards.
• The SRX/USDT pair is now available for trade on the exchange.

StorX Network ($SRX) is proud to announce that it has been listed on, a global cryptocurrency exchange with over 2,300,000 users allowing individuals and institutions to buy, sell, and trade over 1,000 cryptocurrencies. This listing will make the SRX token accessible to the community of about 2 million users. will offer the SRX community a range of features for their trading activities. Beginners will be able to access a simple buy/sell crypto feature, while more advanced users will find cryptocurrency spots and futures trading dashboards that they can use to their advantage. The SRX/USDT pair will be available for trade on the exchange, meaning that users will be able to buy and sell the token using US dollars.

The listing of SRX on is a major step forward in the project’s mission to provide a low-cost and high-efficient decentralized cloud storage network to safely store their data. The listing will also provide a greater level of liquidity, allowing the SRX community to easily access and trade the token.

The listing of SRX on comes at an exciting time for the project. The team has been hard at work development and marketing activities and this listing is a great achievement for the project. The team is confident that this listing will increase the awareness of the StorX Network and enable the community to access the decentralized cloud storage network with greater ease.

In addition, will be offering a range of promotional activities for SRX holders and traders, including airdrops, discounts, and other incentives. These activities will provide additional value to those who are participating in the StorX Network.

To celebrate the listing of SRX on, the team has also arranged a series of online and offline events and competitions that will be held over the coming weeks. These events will provide a great opportunity for the SRX community to get to know each other and also have a bit of fun.

We are very excited about the listing of SRX on and the potential it holds for the StorX Network. We look forward to continuing to develop the project and providing our community with a safe and secure decentralized cloud storage network.